Understanding the Full Cost of Implant Dentures: Beyond the Initial Procedure

Cost of Implant Dentures

The cost of implant dentures is often misunderstood by patients. They view it from a restricted perspective, thinking it’s too much for tooth restoration. 

The truth is there’s so much more to the cost than what meets the eye – there are a lot of financial factors to consider beyond the initial surgical procedure, which contributes to the upfront implant dentures cost in major ways. It’s important for patients to have an understanding of these factors so they may know why and how implant dentures are a lasting investment in their smile.

In this blog, we will discuss all the contributing factors to implant dentures cost, helping patients make wise decisions for their dental needs.

What Are Implant Dentures?

Before dissecting the full cost of implant dentures, let’s get a quick overview of what they are.

Implant dentures, as the name suggests, refer to dentures (artificial teeth) that are combined with dental implants (metal posts surgically cemented into the jawbone). They are a modern way of replacing missing teeth in edentulous patients, helping them have a ‘permanent’ alternative to natural teeth.

Unlike conventional dentures (which only replace the visible part of teeth – the crowns), implant dentures provide a comprehensive replacement to lost teeth, replacing not only the crowns but also the corresponding tooth roots. Such a comprehensive solution to missing teeth becomes possible by the intelligent combination of implants and dentures – where implants replace missing tooth roots and dentures replace missing crowns, respectively.

By providing holistic teeth replacement, implant dentures restore functionality, aesthetics, and occlusal function in edentulous patients, thereby retrieving the confidence and self-esteem that they had lost. And these benefits are not temporary – they last for years, thanks to their commendable success and survival rates.

What Determines The Initial Procedure Cost Of Implant Dentures?

The cost of implant dentures encompasses several factors which go beyond the initial procedure of implant and prosthesis placement. We will discuss these additional factors in the next heading. Before that, let’s explore the costing factors involved in the initial procedure itself. 

Implant Surgery 

This is a minimally invasive surgery in which small incisions are made into the patient’s jawbone, through which dental implants are placed therein. However, despite the surgery being minimally invasive, it requires an exceptional amount of precision and preparation for it to be successful. This means that only experienced implant surgeons can be trusted with the procedure. Professional and highly experienced surgeons typically practice in premium clinics and charge according to their expertise and the pricing standards of the location of their clinic. Both of these factors will decide the initial procedure cost.

Full Cost Of Implant Dentures: Beyond The Initial Procedure 

Now, let’s consider those factors that form a major part of the treatment cost but are often overlooked by patients since they are beyond the actual implant surgery. These factors include:

Pre-Surgical Screening + Supplemental Procedures 

As mentioned, implant surgery requires immense precision to be successful. Such precision can only be achieved by adequate preplanning, where the surgeon will decide the exact position and angulation for the placement of implants. For this, your surgeon will put you through comprehensive screening before the surgery, assessing factors such as your bone health, sinus size/position, etc. They will use advanced screening tools for it (such as X-rays, 3D CT scans, etc.). The cost of these tools will also go into the initial procedure cost.

At times, it’s discovered during the pre-surgical screening that the patient lacks enough jawbone and needs a bone supplemental procedure (known as bone-grafting). This procedure entails additional costs, which will contribute to the treatment cost.

Implant Material

The material of your implant heavily influences your treatment success, and therefore needs to be of top-notch quality. Nowadays, implants made of high quality titanium are used. Titanium has outstanding durability, strength and biocompatibility levels, and therefore provides a stable and healthy anchorage to the denture. 

Considering these benefits, the cost of titanium implants is higher than that of other materials, and it will impact the cost of your treatment.

Denture Material + Type

Just like implant material, the material of your denture also influences the treatment cost. Different materials are used for the creation of the denture, depending on the patient’s aesthetic and functional needs. The most modern and aesthetically appealing material that’s being used nowadays is Zirconia. With its high strength, exceptional durability and unmatched aesthetics, Zirconia dentures stand out as the best option for people looking for the perfect blend of functionality and appearance. The cost of Zirconia (which is relatively higher but justified according to its benefits) adds to the treatment cost.

Moreover, the type of denture also impacts the treatment cost. Implant dentures are of two major types: fixed permanent dentures (which are permanently fixed to the implants and can’t be removed by the patient) and snap-in removable dentures (which temporarily snap onto the implants and can be removed for cleaning purposes). The specific type of denture will be chosen as per the patient’s preference and will influence the cost of the treatment.

Treatment Technique 

The way your implant surgery is carried out (i.e. the technique employed in it) is a crucial aspect of the surgery, which also heavily affects the treatment cost. 

Several different techniques are employed in the implant denture treatment, such as all-on-4 implants, all-on-6 implants and all-on-8 implants. In these techniques, 4,6 and 8 implants are inserted in each dental arch, respectively, and these implants alone support the entire denture. Since the number of implants are different in each technique, each technique differs in the material, time and effort involved in it as well. Therefore, the surgical fee will be lower or higher depending on which technique is employed in the surgery.


There are a lot of factors (beyond the initial implant surgery) that shape the full cost of implant dentures, which are often overlooked by patients. These include the cost of pre-surgical screening and supplemental treatments (if required), the material of the implant and the denture, the type of the denture, and the technique involved in surgery.

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