Exploring the Factors Affecting All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost

all on 4 dental implants cost

If you’ve experienced losing your entire set of upper or lower teeth, whether due to age, trauma, or any other reason, your first course of action should be to seek out appropriate treatment options that could provide you with a replacement for ALL of your missing teeth. 

Two common options are getting dental implants or dentures, but these can be highly unreasonable to replace an entire set of missing teeth (we’ll tell you why later in the blog!). But there’s a third, perfect restorative option that eradicates the shortcomings of both the aforementioned options and combines their benefits! Yes, we’re talking about all-on-4 dental implants! However, the only potential concern for patients is the all-on-4 dental implants cost! This is due to its complex process involving various stages and aspects, all of which impact its cost.

In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that contribute to the overall cost of all-on-4 dental implants, including those that you may have overlooked if you’re already considering getting this treatment.

Why All-On-4 Implants And Not Other Treatments?

Before we look at the factors that influence the all-on-4 dental implants cost, let’s discuss why it’s the best treatment option for people who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth (as compared to getting simple implants or dentures).

Let’s suppose you have your entire upper arch of teeth missing, which means you have 16 missing teeth in total. Replacing each of these missing teeth with a dental implant would mean getting 16 implants, which is highly impractical considering the cost and healing time for each implant. 

Getting a denture in this case is a possible option but it’s not the best treatment either, considering dentures are not permanent and come with their own set of downsides. 

Hence, all-on-4 implants are unarguably the best option in such cases because they combine the benefits of both implants and dentures: you’ll need to have ONLY 4 implants in this treatment, which will effortlessly place a permanent set of prosthetic teeth on your jaw.

Factors That Influence All-on-4 Dental Implants Cost

Following are the factors that influence the cost of all-on-4 dental implants:

Initial Consultation Fee

The first step in the process of getting all-on-4 dental implants, as is with every dental treatment, is getting a consultation with your dentist. The fee for this initial consultation will vary based on the geographical location of your dentist, their level of expertise, and their training. Some dentists charge more, some charge less, some include the initial consultation fee in the treatment plan, while some charge it separately. Generally, dental implant consultations are pricier than regular dental consultations because of the extra training that dentists undergo to become capable enough of placing implants. 

This is not to imply that the greater the consultation fee, the better the treatment outcome. In fact, it could be the opposite; some high-quality dental practitioners actually provide valuable free consultations just to aid their patients.

Diagnostics Fee

Proper diagnostics play an integral part in a successful all-on-4 implant treatment, which may incur additional costs on your treatment as they involve the use of expensive machinery and equipment.

On your first dental consultation, your dentist will employ several diagnostic aids to carefully study the dimensions and intricacies of your dental profile (including your facial profile, arches, jawbone structure, etc.) in order to craft a perfect treatment plan for you. 

These diagnostic aids include intra and extra-oral photos taken from high-quality cameras, using 3-D scanners to take impressions for molds, dental X-rays, and C.T. scans to get detailed images of dental structures. These will help your dentist decide on the perfect position and size of implants according to your case. Additionally, they’ll help your dentist decide the ideal type of prosthesis for you.

Pre Surgery Procedures Fee

Getting all-on-4 implants is a complex treatment, which sometimes involves additional pre-surgery procedures. These include socket augmentation or bone grafting, tooth extraction (in case the patient has some damaged and/or infected teeth left in the arch), and other pre-surgery protocols.

These pre-surgery procedures are necessary in some cases, and the patient can’t proceed to implant placement without these procedures. Hence, the costs of these procedures would add to the overall cost (and timeframe) of the all-on-4 implants treatment.

However, some patients (like those who wear dentures) may not need these procedures at all, and may directly proceed to the implant placement stage.

Material Of The Implant And Prosthesis

The implants and prostheses are the two most important components of your treatment. Hence, their quality will directly affect your treatment’s cost.

Since this is a permanent treatment, both you and your dentist would want to go for the best quality implants, though less expensive options are also available and are pretty enticing. The implant’s material (titanium, zirconia – whichever you choose based on your treatment goals) will also impact your treatment cost.

Now, let’s come to the prosthesis (base + gums + teeth) material. There are different materials for the prosthesis base and gums, including acrylic, metal alloy, titanium, and zirconia. Similarly, for the permanent teeth, options include composite, porcelain, and zirconia. Each material has distinct advantages and disadvantages, leading to varying financial considerations.

Tips To Have A Cost-effective All-on-4 Implants Treatment 

  • It goes without saying that you should do your due research before opting for a dentist. Remember, poor dental work done by an unreliable dentist will multiply your overall expense (you’d literally be spending money your entire life to get the bad work fixed!), whereas good dental work done by a reasonably priced dentist will save you tons of money (and mental frustration) in the long run.
  • Ask for a detailed treatment plan from your dentist, including the cost breakdown for each treatment component (diagnostics, pre-surgery procedures, implants and prosthesis).
  • Visit your dentist regularly to get any potential issues (like infected implants or loose prostheses) resolved, and avoid any complications and associated treatment costs.


In conclusion, the cost of all-on-4 dental implant treatment depends on a number of factors including the initial consultation fee, diagnostics fee, pre-surgery procedures fee, and the material of the implants and prosthesis. 

The cost of this treatment may be daunting, making it all the more pertinent for patients to make an informed decision. You can do so by getting a FREE consultation from an expert dental practice specialising in this treatment, such as San Francisco Implant Clinic, located in San Francisco, California. With our expert advice and affordable financing plans, your dream of getting a new set of teeth is just a tap away!

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